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Surgical / Medical Face Mask

adults BFE & PFE surgical face mask
  children BFE medical face mask
  adults BFE medical face mask

   About Mosquito Q    Philosophy  

Mosquito Q launched in 2013 with our mosquito repellent bracelets. We are based in Toronto, Canada and are devoted to providing top quality products in a cost effective fashion.

Whether you love staying in the indoor or outdoor, playing in the park, enjoying the weather with friends outside, canoeing or hiking, we hope we are helping you to enjoy all those outdoor activities mosquito-free environment!



Being outdoors is good for your health but those annoying mosquitoes can really ruin your day. We are dedicated to making non-toxic and safe mosquito repellent products so that everybody can enjoy the great outdoors.

We continually create products not only to protect you but also your friends in a gathering. From personal items such as wristbands and adjustable bands to suitable in a group such as the repellent stands and mini-suction butterflies, our focus is to establish a quiet, mosquito-free environment that allows you to enjoy by yourself and/or with your friends.

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