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  • Where can I buy Mosquito Q products?

  • Since you are already here on our website, we are always welcome to take online orders.
    Please send us an email at  info@mosquitoq.com. Otherwise, we have sales locations around the globe!

  • Where are the sales locations?

  • Our global footprint develops strategically to continually grow with new market opportunities. Although we are based in Toronto, Canada, we are aiming to expand to other locations around the world in the following months.
    However, here are the locations you can find our product brand: Mosquito Q

    - Toronto, Canada
    - Surabaya, Indonesia
    - Hong Kong
    - Pingdingshan, Henan Province, China
    - ShenYang, Liaoning, China
    - Shanghai, China

  • Is the Mosquito Q product Safe?

  • Yes, all our Mosquito Q products are natural, DEET-FREE, waterproof and safe to use indoors and outdoors!

  • Can I use Mosquito Q pet collars for my dogs or cats?

  • Definitely! Our pet collars are harmless to your pets. Just remember to give some breathing room when you tighten the collars.

  • Is the Mosquito Q products suitable for children?

  • Absolutely! All products are DEET-FREE. However, we would still recommend to keep out of reach from children under 3 years old.

  • How long do Mosquito Q products last?

  • Different products last differing amounts of time. Adjustable bands, wristbands, butterflies and stands will last for 7 days of exposure. Pet collars will have a longer 14 days of exposure time and stickers will have 3. However, all products come with resealable bags, so they can last longer than stated.

  • Do Mosquito Q products kill mosquitoes?

  • No, our products are only designed to release strong but pleasant eucalyptus or lavender scent to keep the mosquitoes or bugs away.

  • Can I be your retailer?

  • We certainly welcome any possible business opportunities. Please feel free to contact us via email at info@mosquitoq.com


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